Amber Riley has been my favorite up to this point, but she might be on my poo list because  she danced with the love of my life, Mark Ballas!

However, the result was amazing.  I love the booty sway part where their heads move with her butt! Genius!

And how cute are Mark and Derek speaking minion! Love them!

Leah Remini had a great trio dance as well.  A little dance was so witty and funny and danced well.  They poked fun at the judges and it paid off.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

But probably the best trio of the night wen to Corbin Bleu.  He's definitely going to be in the finale.  Hopefully, with my girl Amber.

I love this routine.  It was Fosse meets Michael Jackson!  I also loved it because they threw in some tap at the end and a little tap never hurt anybody.

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