The remaining contestants on DWTS really had their work cut out for them.

After the sudden exit of Tamar Braxton due to health issues, the couples were given a third dance to help fill time.

In the first round the couples danced a routine that shared their life stories and their struggles. I know this was meant to tug at our heart strings, but overall the performances were pretty generic.

Then second, the couples competed in a dance-off that was thrown in at the last minute.

And third, was the trio dance, where the couples added another pro dancer into the mix to hopefully make their dance even better.

I didn't think the dances got real good until the dance off. I thought Bindi and Nick's dance off was really fun to watch. They both did sambas that wold get the party started. Ow ow!

In Bindi and Derek's performance I loved that Derek got down on the floor. It seems the girls always end up on the floor for some reason. I mean, Bindi got down there eventually so that Derek could flip over her, but still it was cool.

And I thought Nick totally owned his samba. He had a rocky first round so it was great to see him get down with his bad self.

Bindi won the dance off, but I think Nick deserved a little more credit.

The trio dances are usually really cool. Adding a third pro just ups the ante enough that sparks fly.

Probably my favorite trio dance was Carlos and Witney with an assist from Karina. They got the Charleston, which isn't featured a lot on the show, but it was awesome. I thought they killed it. Especially for two pros who allegedly didn't know what they were doing.

Everyone's trios were very very good, but something about this Charleston just made me smile. I loved it.

Then it was time for the results!

With Tamar leaving the show due to health reasons that meant everybody was safe!

Everyone acted so surprised and I was like, "Come on people, have you never seen the show before? This is how it works when someone leaves unexpectedly. Duh."

Anyway, next week is the final! Should be a really good show. I really like everybody that is left, but of course I'm partial to Nick Carter for the win because he is my favorite Backstreet Boy! But Bindi could take it from him.

We'll have to wait and see.

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