Night one of DWTS two night finale was everything you would expect it to be.

The first round was the Judge's Pick round. The judge's pick a dance for each contestant that they need another crack at. The first time around they didn't do so great, but now they have a chance for redemption.

Round one, for me, went to Nick Carter. He was given the jive and he totally delivered. He did jive in week one and he actually fell during that performance. This jive was full of content and he was red hot.

Round one, Nick Carter for the win.

Then round two was the freestyle round. The freestyle round has been known to make it or break it for contestants.

Basically, it's the only dance that really matters. I thought all four contestants did a great job. Alek paid tribute to his military background with a cool routine with an obstacle course and Carlos had cameos from past contestants in his freestyle.

Then it was Bindi's turn. The freestyle round can go one of two ways. It's an all out party and it's upbeat and it's meant to get everyone hyped or it can be a somber, storytelling piece that makes everyone cry. Bindi went for the latter. And boy did it work. It was sooooo good.

Excuse me, I need a tissue.

Nick came out with the other approach of hyping up the crowd, dancing to a Backstreet Boys song and having a big production. It was really good, but Bindi made everyone cry, so I think she's got it in the bag.

At the end of the night, Carlos was sent home. Leaving Alek, Bindi, and Nick in the finale tonight! They will dance one more time in the 24 hour fusion challenge and then a winner will be crowned.

Obviously, I love Nick, but Bindi really brought it in that freestyle. I think she has the win. I'm very happy for Bindi, but dang it Derek Hough! Why you gotta win everything!?

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