What a week it has been.

By now you know the story involving Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills, he was the player who had to be revived last Monday Night on the field.

Well, fast forward about a week, and Hamlin has made a remarkable recovery since his heart stopped beating on the playing field.

Day by day we heard of the progress he was making, well now we see how much better he is.

Just prior to the Bills game on Sunday, Damar Hamlin Tweeted a photo from his hospital bed, with his parents by his side.

Here's the photo that has taken the internet by storm, just a week after many thought that this young man may have taken his last breath ever, while down on a football field.

Players and teams from across the league have shown their support for Hamlin this week by wearing his name and number on shirts prior to their games.

Some teams across the NFL even lit their stadiums up this past week in the colors of the Buffalo Bills.

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
Getty Images

As faith would have it, the very first play of the Bills game this week was a kick-off to start the game, and the Bills special teams returned the kick for a touchdown.

The CBS announcers said it best when they said that it was like a movie happening before their own eyes.

Check out this special moment as the Bills returned to the field for the first since their teammate went down last week.


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