According to ABC News, so far this year, 23 children have died after they were discovered in locked cars. There were 25 hot car deaths in 2015. But two Florida dads have come up with a new device to  to make sure parents don't forget to check their child's car seat.

Its called, "Sense-of-life,"  a sensor pad system that is activated when as little as 2 pounds is placed on it. One pad goes under the child on his car or booster seat the other goes under the driver's seat and detects when the driver's door is opened.

It also connects to an app and will send an alert to the driver’s phone.  If the child remains in the seat for longer than two minutes, an alert and text message is sent to emergency contacts. Sense-A-Life is not yet available to buy, but the inventors are talking to investors. They want to keep the price under $100 so every family will be able to afford it.