I recently had the opportunity to chat with Brenda Beran Fryda, Czech Days Royalty Chairman who currently resides in  Riverdale, ND. You could hear her beam with pride as she talked about growing in in Tabor, South Dakota, and in particular, Czech Days

One of the Top 100 Events to see in North America, Czech Days is coming up June 18-19, 2021. People from all over the world come to the event. Some of my favorite memories of Tabor revolve around Czech Days and the fun you can have in that town during the celebration.

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When I first met my wife, who is from Tyndall, just a few miles to the west, she introduced me to FUN weekend in Tabor.  Whether it was a wedding dance at Beseda Hall or hanging out on a blanket in front of St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church waiting for the Czech Days parade to begin. We've had a lot of fun in Tabor!

There are loads of activities planned again as this proud little town celebrates its heritage! Food is one of the staples visitors look forward to year after year. In particular, I love their kolaches. According to taborczechdays.com;

The sweet pastry with assorted fillings is available for sale by the dozen or individually with a meal in the Beseda Hall and Legion Hall. People of Tabor and surrounding areas bake and bake to provide enough kolaches for the demand of visitors.

To buy kolaches by the dozen, plan to go to the Beseda Hall early as they are only sold during the day Friday and Saturday. I would aim for early in the day.

Some of my favorite memories of Czech Days include the food (in particular kolaches.  I also dug the packed little bars with the Czech music playing.  Since I myself like cold beer, I feel like I fit right in with the community. The vibe was fun It is truly like you are in another country for the day.

Take a look at the website. They do a great job of keeping you up to speed with all the events. While you're at it, LIKE their page on Facebook and they'll keep you up to speed with all the events going on!

Brenda did want me to mention that several community members have stepped up and are assuming responsibilities to make sure Czech Days continue. In 2018 5 local gentlemen stepped up together to take over as co-chairmen of Czech Days. This was significant as another generation assumed the responsibility to continue Czech Days!

Used with Permission
Used with Permission

General Chairman Dan Melichar, along with Mike Sedlacek, Mark Povondra, Jason Kokesh, and Steven Vellek have stepped forward to keep the Czech Spirt alive. They were all born and raised and have chosen to stay in the community and raise their families there! That's what's neat about Tabor.  They have not only held on to their heritage, but they also embrace it! This event has been going on for years! Last year, if you rolled your window down, you could almost hear Czech hearts breaking because their fun event had to be canceled for the first time in history due to the pandemic.

If you get a chance to get to Tabor for Czech Days, make sure you do.  Soak up the atmosphere and see for yourself if you don't feel like your in another country for a day!

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