We finally did it. My wife and I cut the cable cord. We are no longer tethered to that money-siphoning dinosaur which is cable TV.

It just made sense. And here’s why it may make sense for you too. Open the cable bill and look at that monthly cost. I remember a time when we locked in a month of cable for $69. Six months later it was up 20 bucks. A year after that it was up another $20. A week after that there was some crazy fee tacked onto the monthly bill as well. Over time, our cable bill ballooned to nearly $139 per month and we didn’t even subscribe to any premium movie channels.

If you’ve had this discussion with your spouse about the high cost of cable, here's what to do:

First, make that commitment to cut it. Make the call today and say you’d like to suspend your cable television subscription. Oh, they will try hard to keep you because they know it’s a dying industry with all of the streaming options available today. But don’t give in. They will fire an incredible deal at you but stand strong. There was a reason you picked up the phone in the first place.

Secondly, gather all of the cable boxes, remotes, and anything else that belongs to them and mail it back or bring it back. Whatever it takes to get it out of your hands. There is great joy in this.

Thirdly, with all the money you saved, check out some of the streaming services. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime, and, starting at $25 a month, Sling has à la carte TV. And don't worry sports fans. You can get ESPN on Sling as well.

We estimated we will save $1,300 this year by cutting cable. That's a nice little vacation now, isn't it?

On a side note, we opted to cut the cable but opted to keep the Internet service with our cable provider. And while we’re on it, here’s another money saver. While you’re bringing that clunky cable box back to the provider give them their modem back if they are your Internet provider as well. Did you know you’re paying between $12 and $14 a month to rent their modem? Some companies offer them for alow as $4 per month, but why would you want that? Why not buy one? There are a variety of good modems which have more streaming power (between 1g and 6g) and usually price between $59 and $179 depending on your streaming needs.

As far as local channels go, pick up an antenna for your TV. Yes, just like the good old days - except there more discrete and can hide behind the television but are able to pick up local television signals. By the way...it’s free!


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