Typically when a person goes to a bar, they go to relax, socialize, have a couple of bumps, maybe meet somebody, right? Not strap on a cape and turn into a crime fighter.

However, that was the case for a few patrons of Sparky's Bar in Watertown over the weekend. KSFY TV is reporting that customers of Sparky's turned into crime fighters after a man attempted to hold up the bar at knife-point on the evening of Friday, (July 20).

According to KSFY, 48-year-old Troy Wall of Watertown is accused of robbing Empire Pizza and attempting to hold up Sparky's Bar. Wall entered the bar with the intent of robbing it, but, customers got the jump on him, and held him down until Watertown police arrived to arrest him.

KSFY reports that Watertown authorities then executed a search warrant for Wall's home and found a cash register, filled with an undetermined amount of money belonging to the recently robbed Empire Pizza in Watertown.

Wall is now behind bars facing multiple charges, including first-degree robbery and two counts of aggravated assault. 

Source: KSFY TV

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