A mountain lion that was attacking animals at a goat dairy near Custer was killed by a teenager.

Dalton Streff hid in a playhouse in the back yard after a lion had attacked and killed a goat, a cat, and other animals on Sept. 20.

When the big cat came back for another meal, the 14 year-old was ready.

"When I saw the mountain lion, I grabbed my gun quietly so I didn't scare it off, quietly loaded one round, looked through the scope and shot it," Dalton Streff said. "When I shot it, it jumped about 20 feet and then did a face plant."

The teen's mother, Lila, owns the dairy and reported the incident to the Department of Game, Fish and Parks.

Mountain lions can potentially be dangerous but there have been no known attacks on humans in the Black Hills before. However, they can and have attacked humans. The opening story of Steven Rinella's Meateater Podcast episode 57 features an incredible story of a wildlife biologist who was attacked.

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