It has been an excellent year so far for the crops out in the fields. We had a challenging sprint planting situation with a very small window to get the crops in after the wet month of April.

But farmers are equipped and ready for when that window of opportunity opens. I'm always amazed at how fast they can get planting done.

As far as the year for the crops, yes it has been good. Sioux Falls has received almost double the normal amount of rainfall since the beginning of June. According to the National Weather Service we have seen nearly 17 inches of precipitation.

And the crops are looking good out in the fields. The development of the corn and soybeans is ahead of schedule.

South Dakota farmers have concluded the winter wheat harvest. And according to the latest USDA report, producers are wrapping up the rest of the small grain harvest.

Spring wheat is over 90 percent harvested, along with 96 percent of the oats.

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