Who doesn't love Lorde? Her contemporaries love her. "Weird Al" loves her. Rock 'n' roll royalty loves her. Even clowns love the New Zealand teen.

And it seems like you can't go anywhere without hearing her huge breakthrough hit 'Royals.' If you thought maybe retreating far, far away to the country and, say, in the middle of the field you'd be free of the song, well, you'd be wrong.

Because some dude hauled out a lawn chair and a trombone, and played a solo instrumental version of 'Royals' in the middle of the field. He didn't have much of an audience at first, but within 90 seconds or so, an audience comes running over the hill to get a closer listen.

You can watch what happens next in the above video. Let's just say that cows are totally into Lorde.

Kansas farmer Derek Klingenberg has also done various parodies of other songs in the past -- ranging from 'Thrift Shop' to that 'Frozen' hit. And he's used his surroundings -- tractors, farms and lots and lots of wide-open spaces -- to pretty great effect.

But an attentive audience of cows checking out 'Royals' on trombone beats all those other ones by far. Something about that song just moooves them.

And here's the original version of 'Royals,' without the trombone and without cows. But there's way more Lorde on this one:

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