What do you think will be some of the biggest food trends for South Dakota in 2020? Chislic, Kuchen, Kolach, or Frybread? According to a recent study, none of these popular South Dakota foods will be trending in popularity in the upcoming year.

Uber Eats took a look at which food searches are accelerating in popularity and uncovered a few key trends rising to the top as we approach the new decade. With the exception of the Impossible Burger and Cold Brew, nothing on this list much interests me. Check the list of Potential Biggest Food Trends of 2020:
1. Starfruit
2. Squid ink
3. Collagen
4. Reishi
5. Keto
6. Brussels sprouts
7. Farro
8. Harissa
9. Pho
10. Bone broth
11. Chickpea hummus
12. Cold Brew
13. Cauliflower
14. Udon
15. Cabbage
16. Kale
17. Impossible burger
18. Kimchi
19. Ginger
20. Oat milk

So how many of the things on this list will you be stocking up on in 2020?

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