Could no-tipping restaurants be a thing of the future in Sioux Falls? If a current trend that's sweeping across other parts of the country makes its way here - yes, it could happen.

According to a recent American Express Restaurant Trade Survey, more and more restaurants are taking a closer look at imposing a no tipping policy.

In fact, roughly 18% of those restaurants surveyed have already adopted a no-tip model. While some 29% said plans are currently in the works to adopt such a policy.

Additionally, 27% said no, they would not get on the "no-tip bandwagon," while 17% said they may if other competitors follow suit. Ten percent were undecided.

According to a restaurant owner in Brooklyn, New York who took part in the survey, the no-tip policy is just a reflection of where the industry is headed.

"I think tipping is based on an antiquated notion that if one particular person waits on us while we're there eating, and the food is really good, we'll take care of them. Today, in a certain type of restaurant, the service is now part of the product."

He adds however that no tipping can mean higher menu prices in order to cover the cost of the service.

So, will the trend make it to our part of the country? Perhaps, we'll have to wait and see. We can only hope!!!

(Source: The Rundown)