Kiddos here in the Sioux Empire will have three fewer city parks to play in this summer as renovations are being conducted to their playground areas.

According to KSFY TV, the playground equipment has already been removed from Kenny Anderson and Whittier Parks, and by this Friday, (June 15) all the play equipment at Menlo Park will be gone as well. The city plans to install new playground equipment in all three parks, with the hope of having kids sliding and climbing on near gear by August 1st.

The three park playground makeovers are part of a series of park renovations taking place this year in Sioux Falls. KSFY reports that Marion Park has been closed for nearly one week now, as crews continue to work on it. Crews are busy moving the rugby field that was in Marion Park to the Sanford Sports Complex. The Public Works Department is also replacing many drains in the park area to help with issues in that neighborhood.

Once completed, KSFY reports that Marion Park will have a new walking loop around the park and a new play structure. Construction in the park should be done towards late fall, but, the park will remain closed until the spring of 2019 to help grow new turf.

KSFY says the other major park renovation this summer will happen to Rotary Park. A major renovation sums it up perfectly, as that park is being relocated to the other side of the river.

During the summer of 2019, road construction crews plan to raise 26th Street by 30 feet in the area of the park to go over the railroad tracks there. To help pave the way for the eventual project, crews are in the process of building a new space for Rotary Park now at East 26th Street near Southeastern Avenue.

Sioux Falls Park specialist, Tory Miedema told KSFY, when completed the new Rotary Park will be located on the west side of the Big Sioux River. It will feature a new parking lot, restroom, picnic shelter, and playground area. There will also be a pedestrian bridge connecting the west and east side.

Look for those renovations to be wrapped up by early November of this year.

Source: KSFY TV

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