Quick question, have you traveled down Minnesota Avenue between 22nd to 33rd street recently? It's a real pain in the a$$, isn't it?

Motorists aren't the only ones feeling the frustration with the Minnesota Avenue construction project. KSFY TV reports that several business owners located in the construction zone on Minnesota are right there with you.

The long lines of traffic have caused Vern Eide Mitsubishi to temporarily move its operation to Verne Eide Honda on Louise Avenue until the construction wraps up. KSFY is reporting that the only aspect of the business that currently remains at the Mitsubishi dealership is the service department.

Conversely, Slim Chickens across the street from Vern Eide Mitsubishi on Minnesota is also smack-dab in construction central. As you know, Slim Chickens happens to be one of the more popular restaurants in Sioux Falls, and as KSFY reports, they are encouraging their many customers to use the back roads for easier access while the road repair project is underway.

Drivers can expect to navigate the cone zone on Minnesota Avenue for the next several months. According to KSFY, more than 27,000 cars travel that stretch of road every day. As it stands right now, three of the five lanes are closed in the construction area on Sioux Falls second busiest street. 

I learned the hard way on Monday that you better be wearing your patient pants if you attempt to travel through the Minnesota Avenue construction. If patience is something you have very little of, my advice, plan on using an alternate route to get where you need to go. Should you still decide to brave the construction chaos, please be conscious of other drivers who may need to occasionally turn. Nobody likes a jackhole driver!

Our friends at KSFY say construction on Minnesota Avenue is expected to last until early November. Just in time for the snow season to cause another series of delays, oh joy!

Source: KSFY TV

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