You know how when you start typing something into Google, the search engine will start to give you some suggestions? Well, I typed in "Why is South Dakota..." and Google made several suggestion as to how I could finish my question.

Those suggestions are based on common questions that people all over the world have asked Google. So, I thought as a sort of public service I'd answer those questions. That way the next time some curious individual in Iceland want to know the answers to the great South Dakota questions, they'll have them in a convenient internet list.

Google Why is South Dakota

Why is South Dakota Spelled with a V?

The short answer is: it's not. That is also the long answer.

Even looking at my keyboard as I write this, I don't see an obvious mistype that could account for so many people on Earth asking that question. Well, I guess it could be an attempted reference to Dakota being spelled with a 'C' (Dacota). Maybe? That's all I got.

Why is South Dakota so Boring?

Now, this is a little more complicated. I'm sure there are people living in the heart of New York City who think that there's nothing to do. As someone who live is a low-grade perpetual fear of boredom, I do not think the SD is boring. Plus I have the internet and a phone full of music and books in my hand all the time. We have wide open spaces and a low population, that's exciting! Beautiful landscapes that are a delight just to exist in.

If you'r looking for Studio 54 level craziness, yea you won't find it here. Or in Denver or Omaha either (or in 2018). It's not South Dakota's fault that you don't have the ambition too leave your little hometown and explore life. That may be why you're bored.

Why is South Dakota So Cold?

Let's hear it for geography and meteorology! We get so cold because we sit in the middle of the northern-ish part of the North American continent. Unlike places like England, we don't have the benefit of a warm ocean current bringing us warm weather to counteract our latitude. What we do have is the benefit (?) of an air current, the Jet Stream that will move south in the fall and winter, and spring, which lets really cold from the Arctic freeze our pipes.

The other answer is: so we have an excuse to drink beer.

Why is South Dakota Famous?

Um, because I live here, duh.

Fine, how about Mount Rushmore, Deadwood, or Little House on the Prairie?

Why is South Dakota the Happiest State?

Because it's awesome. In Sioux Falls we have all the benefits of a city within a 10 minute drive of the big sky of rural life. We have more of the cool stuff than North Dakota and we aren't Iowa. If that doesn't convince you I don't know what will.

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