The Hollywood Reporter reports that Snipes has been added to the cast of the upcoming Coming to America sequel, which will return to the story of Prince Akeem of Zamunda some 30 years after the events fo the first film. Original star Eddie Murphy is already signed on, and Craig Brewer (who directed Murphy in the upcoming movie Dolemite Is My Name, and previously made Black Snake Moan and Hustle & Flow) is the director.

Snipes will apparently play a new character...

The new story sees Akeem returning to America in order to find his long-lost son. Arsenio Hall is already on board as reprising his role of his best friend. Snipes will play a new character, General Izzi, a man who rules a neighboring nation.

Also the sequel is titled Coming 2 America, which is clearly the greatest title in the history of sequels.

The original Coming to America, directed by John Landis, remains one of the most iconic comedies of the 1980s. People still quote it and rewatch it. Delis even use it for their Halloween costumes. (No, seriously; that really happened. A deli in Los Angeles went as McDowell’s for Halloween last year.) A sequel with the original cast (and Wesley Snipes!) sounds like a lot of fun. Coming 2 America is expected to start shooting this fall.

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