Every kid that grows up watching things like The Simpsons, The Sandlot, and countless other TV shows and movies with a treehouse, has probably dreamed of having their own. Tree forts are definitely not as prevalent in this day and age as they once were, likely because they weren't always very safe, but if you happened to be one of those kids with one in your backyard, you were pretty lucky.

Just as it's not uncommon for kids who dreamed of having a Power Wheel to purchase a Jeep in adulthood, a grown-up that dreamed of having a tree fort as a kid could end up feeling right at home inside the house below.

Colorado Wilderness Home is Practically an Adult Tree Fort

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The home we're about to check out is awesome. It's located deep in the Colorado wilderness outside of Durango, at 371 Elk Lane, on a 1.3-acre lot, surrounded by trees and mountains.

The home itself features just one bedroom and a single bathroom, but there is plenty of room for activities throughout.

Inside you'll find a main floor, a second floor, an attic, and a basement below it all. On the main floor is a kitchen, living room, dining area, and a wood fireplace for those chilly winter nights.

Outside the 1054-square-foot home, you'll find a firepit, as well as plenty of trees and gorgeous surrounding views.

The entire property is currently listed for $429,900, which would definitely be worth it for an adult wishing to have a sort of grown-up tree fort in the woods, even if it isn't technically in a tree at all:

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