A crowd of 350 people gathered at the District in Sioux Falls Friday May 20, 2016 to hear Former President Bill Clinton speak at a Rally for his wife Hillary Clinton.

Jeff Wilka hopes the primary will show Clinton victorious, which means he’ll be off to Philadelphia as a delegate.

Janet Yates is a Clinton supporter, thinking that more benefits for social security would come with a Clinton Presidency and pay equality for women in the workforce.

Sanford Beshear ) is a volunteer travelling with the Clinton campaign on his own dime.  He hired her as his attorney years ago and displays a picture of Hillary Clinton with his daughter from 1979.

Beth Warden
Beth Warden

I worked with her in Arkansas.  She represented me in my child custody case.  I was a week long trial, she tried a perfect case.  She is a wonderful trial attorney.  I've known her for 40 years.

The attendance of 350 is in deep contrast to nearly 4,300 who went to the Bernie Sanders rally just days ago.

The primary is June 7th, however state law allows for absentee voting now.  Registering to vote is available through Monday at the County Auditor’s office.

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