I'm at that age where not only did I enjoy Chuck E Cheese as a kid, I now have taken my kids to Chuck E Cheese as well.

The whole goal was to accumulate as many prize tickets as possible before Mom or Dad laid down the hammer and made you leave the game heaven that is Chuck E Cheese.

This summer, the parent company of Chuck E Cheese filed for bankruptcy and now is asking the court to allow them to spend $2 million dollars on already printed tickets and destroy them all.

The order for the tickets came before the filing for bankruptcy, so they currently have them all sitting somewhere until they pay the distributor.

In total, Chuck E Cheese is looking to destroy 7 billion already printed prize tickets.

So what is the street value of the 7 billion prize tickets you ask?

According to CNN, the total value of the 7 billion prize tickets equals approximately $9 million in Chuck E Cheese prizes.

If you have been to the local Chuck E Cheese in Sioux Falls, you have seen the transition to digital tickets anyway as a more efficient way to do business and that change coincides with them also trying to become as contactless as possible during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Every kid and even this adult would love to swim in 7 billion prize tickets like Scrooge McDuck in the old Duck Tales shows, but unfortunately, Chuck E Cheese will apparently destroy them before we get the chance.

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