The holidays bring with them wonderful scents of home-baked goodies, freshly cut Christmas trees and so many other wonderful smells.

And now another product you can add to the festively scented line up is deodorant.

The brand Native is known for making an all-natural deodorant that has a coconut oil base and is one-hundred percent non-toxic and never tested on animals.

And for the holidays, available at Target and online at their website you can buy both sugar cookie and candy cane scented deodorants along with many other unique fragrances.

Taneil Johnson TSM
Taneil Johnson TSM

The sugar cookie scent I was the most surprised by as it smelled delicious, exactly like the baked good it was labeled as but in my opinion, this scent should stick to just candles and the actual cookies themselves; not in a stick of antiperspirant.

Unless you want to smell like a Christmas cookie but hey more power to ya.

Candy Cane, Native's version of a festive peppermint stick smells exactly how it sounds.

Not sure who would want to smell like a peppermint stick in case they sweat, but you never know.

Perhaps if you were attending an ugly Christmas sweater party these festive deodorant sticks would come in handy or for a secret santa gift for your friends or coworkers.

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