Despite the fact that her last studio album, Lotus, came out over five years ago (it's available now on iTunes, in case you don't already own a copy), and despite countless (broken) promises ever since, Christina Aguilera has done just about everything but release a follow-up record, from starring in a global Oreos campaign to voicing the character of Akiko Glitter in The Emoji Movie.

That might finally be changing. Like, for real this time.

The "Desnudate" powerhouse vocalist is causing a stir on social media today (Jul. 11), all because of one single move on Twitter: at some point in the past day, the Burlesque star followed the official MTV VMAs account. (Note: she only follows two dozen accounts.)

And...well, that's literally all that happened.

And yet! The lone @VMAs follow was enough to cause her Fighters to launch into Crisistina Mode, with many fans coming to the immediate, inexplicably certain conclusion that Christina will not only attend this year's VMAs, but be honored with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, previously awarded to acts including Britney Spears, Janet Jackson and Madonna. (Fans are trending #XtinaDeserveMtvVanguardAward with their reasons right at this very moment, in fact.)

Is it finally time for Legend X to feel this moment? Will the (still) "Dirrty" video finally get its long overdue praise? Will "Beautiful" be recognized for its ahead-of-its-time empowerment of the LGBT community? Will there be #JusticeForBionic?

Or, perhaps, will she pop up on stage with her red lip mic stand to kick off a whole new era of advanced sound?

It just keeps getting better...

Xtina's Most Xtreme Red Carpet Looks:

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