Plenty of movies have been filmed right here in Iowa over the years. From 'Field of Dreams' to 'Bridges of Madison County' Iowa has been portrayed as an idyllic spot and a great location for films.

However, one iconic film location feels a bit more ominous than the ones previously mentioned.

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Released in 1984, parts of 'Children of the Corn' were shot right here in the great Hawkeye State. Based on Stephen King's novel, the film Hornick quickly became a cult horror classic. The story revolves around a fictional town in Nebraska and murderous kids.

Just Nebraska things...

Much of the movie was shot here in Iowa; including Sioux City, Sergeant Bluffs, Salix Whiting, and Hornick several decades ago. The latter was the location for multiple important scenes and spots in the movie. Job and Sarah's house just so happens to be in Hornick.

New World Pictures

The school scenes were also shot in Hornick, but the school was demolished sometime after this film was shot. 

Another film shot in Iowa was Twister.

The majority of Twister was shot in Oklahoma. Wakita, Oklahoma is one of the more popular filming locations, and the town still celebrates the movie every day at their Twister Museum. 

A large chunk of the final act was filmed in Iowa. The movie crew shot the scenes where Jo and Bill are running away from the terrifying tornado in Ames, Iowa. However, maybe the most iconic image from Twister was shot in Eldora. And it involves a piece of Iowa real estate.

Jeff Robak / Warner Brothers Studios

Just like the 'Twister' house the 'Children of the Corn' home still stands today. It is private property, so if you are ever in the area and happen upon it; don't wander around too much. It is private property.

Feel free to safely (and legally) check out this iconic film location down below!

Children of the Corn House Is In Iowa

One of the most terrifying movies of the 20th century was shot right here in the Hawkeye State. The 1984 film 'Children of the Corn' based off of Stephen King's novel of the same name had several shooting locations in Hornick. One of them was Job and Sarah's house.

Twister House Is In Eldora, IA

The 90s was an exciting time for Iowans. Multiple movies were filmed right here in the Hawkeye State; Field of Dreams, the Bridges of Madison County, and Twister. The latter is celebrating it's 25th anniversary since it was released in theaters. The majority of the final scenes in the movie were actually filmed in Iowa. The most haunting shot of the movie was the shot of