The owner of a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Miami, Fla., was hoping to offset employee burnout and improve retention by offering workers a three-day work week. Now, the location is rolling in hundreds of job applications.

According to Business Insider, owner Justin Lindsey wanted to reduce staff burnout, increase employee retention and demonstrate team leadership skills for his workers.

Recognizing the importance of both salary and work-life balance for his employees, the franchisee decided the best plan of action would be to condense the work week and offer consistent scheduling to his employees so that they could have more flexibility outside their working hours for the controversial fast food chain.

"My idea was to provide staff with this gift of time by creating a scheduling system where they would know exactly what days they worked for as long as they work here," Lindsey told Business Insider.

His program, which launched in February, has reportedly resulted in 100 percent employee retention and dozens of applications from hopeful new hires daily.

"We posted a job on Indeed and had 429 applications in a week. It was like two lines: 'Work three days a week, get full-time hours,'" Lindsey told Inc. magazine.

Business Insider reports that Lindsey condensed his staff's schedule by dividing employees into two rotating groups. Since Chick-fil-A restaurants are closed on Sundays due to religious reasons, Lindsey's location's store hours allow both groups of employees equal shifts to fill during their three-day blocks.

Inc. reports Lindsey's Chick-fil-A location is on pace to generate about $17 million in sales for 2022.

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