Chelsea Clinton made a campaign stop on behalf of her mother Hillary Clinton Wednesday (October 5) on the campus of Augustana University.

Her topics and speech were geared toward the majority of the crowd of university students, describing Hillary’s program - the New College Compact - which would pay back tuition for certain human service jobs like police officers and nurses. The program would also offer community college tuition at no charge.

Clinton took questions from the group, including a woman who stated her opinion about being pro-choice and then said "I’m sorry, I have an opinion."

It was a poignant moment for the crowd as Clinton stopped the woman and said, "Never apologize for having an opinion. It's something that women, particularly young women and girls do too often."

The crowd cheered and applauded.

Questions from the audience included human trafficking, drug addiction, education, mental health needs of struggling veterans and birth control. Clinton responded with ideas that were from her mother or the current Obama administration.

The event concluded with Chelsea shaking hands and leaving for a private fund raising event at the home of former Attorney General Brendan Johnson.

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