There are things I believe we all take for granted when we decide to dine out. Whether you're going an upscale eatery or a casual dining place there are certain assumptions we make.

For instance, you may well assume that the kitchen preparing your meal is pest-free. Or that the bread or rolls in the basket brought to your table is fresh out of the kitchen. Or that the 5-second rule is something never used in a restaurant kitchen.

Well, you know what they say about assuming anything? Food Network recently surveyed chefs across the country (under the promise of anonymity of course) and the chefs revealed things that we may have suspected but didn't really want to know.

  • Special orders & Substitutions: If you really want to irritate a chef and take the risk of getting a not so delicious dinner, try doing this!
  • Rolls & Bread: Brought to your table in a basket fresh from the kitchen? Maybe, or maybe not. Several chefs admitted that uneaten bread that comes back into the kitchen may go out again to a different table, whether the bread has been handled by someone else or not!
  • The 5-Second Rule: Fully one fourth of the chefs surveyed said they follow this rule in the kitchen too.
  • Pests: 75% of the chefs admitted seeing roaches in their own restaurant kitchens
  • Vegetarian Meals: Yup. Not always vegetarian.
  • Tipping: Almost every chef indicated that 20% is the amount they tip servers, but that if you get poor service it is fair to tip somewhat less.

Surprised? I was with a few of these. For even more secrets and tips from chefs check out the article on and the complete list at

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