I remember a trip to Minot, North Dakota to spend Thanksgiving with a friend and his family long ago. There were three of us traveling, so the conversation was lively and there was plenty of laughter. The car was warm, but the wind was blazing.

So it began as a fun adventure on what seemed like a weeklong trip to the Great (Almost) White North. I mean Minot isn't the end of the earth, but...(well you know the end of the joke).

In any case, the end of the trip was sketchy, but it's the middle we're concerned with here. Our host decided to grill the turkey on a charcoal grill in the bitterly cold wind. When that didn't work, he thought he could microwave it, while his wife looked on in amusement.

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So needless to say we had a lot of sides but could only look at the raw turkey on the counter.

We asked people; "What was the worst disaster you ever had at a family Thanksgiving celebration?" Their responses were hilarious, mouth-droppingly surprising, and heartwarming.

Thanksgiving Disasters

Totally True Ghost Stories Told By the People of Sioux Falls

I'm not sure I totally believe in ghosts or the paranormal, but I do enjoy a good ghost story, and the people of Sioux Falls had some great ones!

We asked our listeners to tell us their scary stories Maybe it was a ghost, maybe you thought someone was in the house, maybe you heard weird noises, maybe stuff moved without anybody touching it! We wanted to hear it all!

Some of these are so creepy! Continue reading....if you dare!

War Eagle Monument

Our friend Lisa's memory was one a lot of first-time Thanksgiving cooks encounter:

My mother asked if i took out the giblets. I said, "where are they? (When she found out) I said hell no I'm not sticking my hands in there! I now have my husband take them out each time we make turkey. I dont put my hands in any cavity of anything living or dead!

Krystine Reavis's story was hospital-themed--

My husband sat down for Thanksgiving, got his finger caught in the chair, and broke it. Nothing like spending the day in the ER!"

As was April Kooiman's- -

13 years ago.. I went into labor on Thanksgiving! Watched the Macy’s day parade in the ER! 36 hours later we welcomed our baby girl Macy!

Of course, we have the obligatory dinner disasters.

One from our friend Matt Larson--

My grandmother discovered that paper bags can start on fire in the oven when you use them to bake a turkey in!

And another from Karmen Bakeberg Wiesinger--

We had an apple pie & potatoes in the oven & for unknown reasons the oven went on self cleaning on its own. Well we all know how hot that gets & you can't open the oven door until done with the cleaning. Mad dash to pull the stove out, unplug it, wait for the door to unlock. The potatoes survived but sadly the apple pie was black as coal & the house was thick with smoke.

Finally an almost mystical First Responder tale from Tami Miller- -

"Just sitting down for dinner and my husband gets called out on a police call. 10 minutes later my sister-in-law and 2 brothers-in-law get called out on an ambulance call. So there we sat with 3 people missing. We let the kids eat and others go ahead if they wanted to. About 45 minutes later someone drove their truck right through my front porch! So I had to call 911 and my husband and in-laws all show up at our house for the call. So- - they ate turkey while they were waiting on the tow truck and the other guy's family.

Now those are Thanksgivings to remember!





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