This morning on the show we talked about animated characters that, as a kid, or maybe an adult, you thought were cute or had a crush on.

For me, Prince Eric was #1. Prince Eric, of course, is from The Little Mermaid. I want to be part of his world too.

#2, Aladdin from Aladdin. He was a street rat with heart.

And weirdly #3, was Simba from The Lion King. I know he's a lion, but he was cute. Maybe it had something to do with Jonathan Taylor Thomas voicing young Simba. I don't know.

Andy thought I was crazy, but I am not alone in my craziness! Lots of people called and texted in their cartoon crushes. Here are a few:

  • I don't know if anybody said it already but the female bunny on Space Jam was always hot
  • What no one had a crush on Hercules, Like I did
  • My boyfriend always tells me how hot Nala is and it's like sorry I'm not a lion!
  • Tai from Digimon was my biggest cartoon crush!
  • Did anyone say Jessica Rabbit yet?
  • John Smith!!!! Hellooooooo
  • Johnny Bravo an his muscles!
  •  Zack from fern gully
  • Tasha. I'm right there with you with prince Eric is a hottie
  • Totally have a crush on Hiccup from how to train your dragon 2. Especially after his Neville longbottom moment.
  • Hello what about Esmerelda from the hunchback of Notre dame? Plus she's voiced by Demi Moore and I could listen to her voice all day
  • Dimitri from Anastasia
  • Aladdin. Would watch that movie all the time. It was his smile I liked. Always thought they failed at "The Beast" when he turned back into a person.....his lips were horrible 
  • Hands down. Max's crush in the goofy movie. Roxanne.
  • The beast from Beauty and the Beast (when hes human)
  • My son when he was younger had the hugest crush on Dora. He works just sit and stare at the TV and blush. It was the biggest compliment I can receive one day when he told me, "mom you are as pretty as Dora"
  • Mulan and Kim possible!!
  • I had a crush on April O'Neil from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Every time she was on screen I would kiss the TV, I know it's sad
  • Simba was attractive. It's the qualities not the look.
  • I had a crush on Jasmine from Aladdin

I can't believe I forgot about Zack from Fern Gully!  I mean just look at him!

Who was your cartoon crush?

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