We've cut to the feeling, but when is it time to cut to Carly Rae Jepsen's highly anticipated fourth studio album? She insists her new LP is coming into focus.

In a new interview with People, Jepsen says she recently had a listening party with friends of ONE-HUNDRED potential album tracks, but says she's still nailing down a cohesive sound.

"It’s definitely starting to take shape, but it’s always been my process to really write and experiment and allow myself to go in a bunch of different directions before I sort of select the songs that seem to be sticking out the best or seem to be connecting with not just me, but my band mates and my family and friends," she said.

And while Jepsen has given many hints that fans are in for a disco-pop daydream, the genre still isn't a sure thing.

"It's funny because even with intention to go in one direction, that can always be like a jumping point; that doesn’t necessarily end up where we land," she said. "Sometimes I’ve found that we were able to pull that off and other times it just took, like, left and right turns, and I’m like: Have we made a mambo, what’s going on?"

Still, for any potential twist or turn, you can count on the fact that Jepsen is going full-throttle pop, and she said collaborating with bubblegum emblem Charli XCX on Pop 2 was a dream come true.

"After one listen I was like, 'Oh my god, this is incredible, I’m so in,'" she said. "And [producer] A.G. Cook too, his productions are very unique, so I couldn’t not jump on. So I just had a morning over here at my house on the patio where I just wrote some things and sent them back to her and sang a voice memo, and she was like, 'Great, send it over.' So I went to the studio and recorded it. Soon after that, I think, not even kidding, a week later it came out — so it was a really rushed but exciting project!"

Jepsen teased a new track "This Love Isn't Crazy" earlier this week — check it out.

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