Carl's Jr is now offering a meatless burger. Why am I telling you this, given the fact Sioux Falls doesn't have a Carl's Jr? Well, we do have several Hardee's, and guess who's owned by the same company?

According to an official press release, hoping to tap into the vegan and vegetarian market, the fast-food chain has made the decision to "stay in front of trends as much as possible and offer a plant-based alternative to its menu."

For the past 77 years, the company has never tried to hide its "carnivorous nature" as quoted in the press release. "Carl's Jr has been proud to offer only 100% black Angus beef in its stores" - that is, until now. If a meatless burger sounds enticing to you, the Carl's Jr Famous Star Burger will sell for $6.29 at most locations.

Again, I realize we don't have a Carl's Jr in Sioux Falls, but with Hardee's and Carl's Jr being owned by the same company, and given the fact both restaurants offer much the same thing, you gotta wonder. How long before the meatless burger surfaces here in Sioux Falls? Stayed tuned.

Source: Associated Press

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