Cardi B might officially identify as a rapper, but even before the release of her debut album on April 6, she's proven to be a bit of a comedian, too.

The Invasion of Privacy artist, who will make history as a coming co-host of The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, has charmed everyone from Giuliana Rancic on The Grammys Red Carpet to Charlamagne Tha God in a pre-show interview at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards. Mixing candor, cheeky reveals and sing-songy mockery makes Cardi a reliably wild guest, so if you're looking for a calm Q&A, you should probably direct your attention elsewhere.

Below, we've collected Cardi's 10 wildest interview moments, which include everything from tips on how to handle thirsty Instagram followers to the moment she realized her massive "Bodak Yellow" had made history by reaching the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

Check out the very best showcasing in the list, and be sure to see how Cardi handles her tit-for-tat exchange with Jimmy Fallon when she appears on the late-night show on April 9!


  • 1

    'The Tonight Show'

    Cardi explained the origins of her hip-hop moniker (it all started with a manipulation of "Bacardi" and some violations of Instagram's terms of service) to great amusement from the late-night host.

  • 2

    'The Breakfast Club'

    After the group rattled off Cardi's BET Awards nominations, the rapper hilariously observed that if it was Jesus' will, "Bodak Yellow" would eventually be No. 1 (and it was!).

  • 3

    E! Red Carpet

    The rapper famously told Giuliana Rancic: "I feel butterflies in my stomach and my vagina" before the Grammy Awards. She also said on the topic of trolls: "I haven't replied to no bad comments in five days."

  • 4

    VMAs Red Carpet

    "I ain't no princess, I'm a gangsta," Cardi famously told Charlamagne Tha God before the 2017 show.

  • 5


    Cardi's reaction to "Bodak Yellow" finally reaching no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 was priceless, and she told the outlet that the achievement was tantamount to Obama's election. Still, she said she was sad to knock Taylor Swift off the top spot.

  • 6


    During an interview about life and love, Cardi explained that you can tell if a guy really like you if "he has sex with you more than five times."

  • 7

    Hot 97

    Cardi told the radio station that dating guys with kids is way too much baggage, and expanded: "I hate baby moms. I hate them." Maybe she'll change her mind now that she's reportedly pregnant...?

  • 8

    'The Angie Martinez Show'

    Cardi remained tight-lipped during the interview about her new financial success, noting that her accumulating bank account could present problems when she goes back home. "You know, I still be in the hood," she said.

  • 9

    BBC Radio

    Cardi said that if she were stuck in an elevator with Donald Trump, she'd annoy him, asking in a sing-songy voice: "Do you hate my skin? Do you hate that I'm successful and a minority? Guess what? My parents are immigrants and they ain't going nowhere, motherf-----. Are you so upset that I got money and I'm not white?"

  • 10

    'New York magazine'

    On the topic of thirst-trapping, Cardi touched on over-aggressive commenters, and said "Why do you wanna eat my ass? You don't know how many times I fart a day."

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