If you're thinking about buying a new car, you're not the only one.

Dakota News Now is reporting that car dealerships around Sioux Falls have been experiencing a surge in customers since the COVID-19 pandemic curve has been flattening and restrictions have been lifted.

When the coronavirus became a reality, there was a lot of uncertainty surrounding this virus.  No one really knew what was going to happen and how the pandemic would impact the economy including car sales.  Most car dealerships across the country just stopped and temporarily shut down their operations.  Mike Schulte, Owner of Schulte Subaru, tells Dakota News Now, "Everybody was scared that like in other parts of the country where car sales just absolutely shut down and stopped. They were trying to prepare by having really good incentives, actually, for us the best incentives we've ever had,” Luckily for the car dealerships in Sioux Falls, the state of South Dakota and the city never fully shut-down businesses.  This particular economic situation created tremendous sales opportunities for car dealerships throughout Sioux Falls.

Part of the sale incentives included car ads that imply really great deals, such as "0% for up to four months without having to make a payment."

These great business strategies have definitely stimulated sales, but it's been so busy that cars have been flying off the lots!   Steve Eggebraaten, Sales Manager for Vern Eide Honda, explains to Dakota News Now, "We're running out of cars faster than we can get them in." It's been a busy month for them to say the least.

Since more people are visiting dealerships, most car dealerships' top priority throughout Sioux Falls is making sure showrooms and all cars are sanitized. Eggebraaten emphasizes that a specialized crew cleans and sanitizes the entire Vern Eide Honda dealership on a daily basis as well as the fact that all his employees wear masks.

Start your engines for a new car and new adventures this summer!

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