Something I've always found really cool since moving to Iowa 10 months ago is how many different license plates you'll see on the roadway. It seems like a lot of Iowans have fun expressing themselves or showing support for their favorite team, using their license plate.

On any given day (depending on location) you will see all kinds of UNI plates, Hawkeye plates, blackout plates, natural resource plates, and military plates. How many of these plates have you seen in Iowa?

Iowa DOT
Iowa DOT


Maybe I'm just paying attention more because Iowa seems to have such a variety of license plates but I swear I've seen more personalized plates since moving here from Minnesota. While it appears many Iowans have enjoyed expressing themselves via their personalized license plate, they can't be made to say whatever you want, no matter how funny you may find it.

Rejected Personalized Plates in Iowa

There is a rather immense list of saying or words that will straight up get denied if you try to use them on your plate. You can see the list in its entirety at Government Attic and I'm assuming this is a list that will continue to grow. Check out some of these prohibited and/or banned personalized plates in Iowa. Anything offensive or using vulgar language is most likely prohibited.

*Warning - Possible Vulgar Language Ahead*

  • BADA**
  • COP
  • 1SCREW
  • BARF
  • CRAP
  • FART
  • FARHRT (can't blame someone for trying a workaround for this one)
  • KIXA** (my immaturity is showing as I found this pretty clever)
  • SHI*
  • HAULA** (this also is pretty clever if you ask me)
  • 69ER
  • OSHEET (I actually lol'd at this one)
  • I8POO
  • TI**

You get the point. While there are many very clever and very funny personalized plates, it's very unlikely you'll ever spot something rated R. I do give a lot of these people credit for trying! I'd give some of these creative ideas an A for effort and an F for common sense.

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