If you have a reader on your Christmas shopping list or need some inspiration to crush some new years resolution goals... meet David Googins.

I first heard of David Goggins the same place a lot of guys first heard of this uncommon human.

I was taking in my usual Joe Rogan podcast entertainment and at the time had never heard of David Goggins. I was about to be introduced to another level of mental toughness.

Over the next couple hours I was blown away by how this man had taken the hard cards life dealt him and used it to harden his mind and accomplish a list of crazy feats.

I saw David Goggins had a book coming out called Can't Hurt Me in time for Christmas.

When I was going through my people to buy for I happened to have two guys on my shopping list I thought would love to read this.

I bought this book as a Christmas gift and after reading a few pages I ended up keeping it for myself.

If you need a book that you won't want to put down and the minute you do will leave you evaluating what more you can wring out of life then Can't Hurt Me is a 2019 must read.

I can't remember the last time I read someones real life story and was left so inspired. David Goggins is the real deal when it comes to taking your life and mind to the whole new level.

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