It's January, the holidays are over and I'm already distracting myself with visions of spring and summer, like hitting the links on a dewy June morning. Enter a video that popped up on Facebook for me today, one that immediately made me think "I want one, but I might hate it."

The Golf Board is a snazzy little invention. The electric powered skate board features and handle bar on the front which also has straps to attach your golf bag. According to the maker's website you can golf more than 18 holes on a single charge.

This little one-person cart looks like it is mostly targeted at golf courses as something they can buy to attract golfers with a unique experience. I would certainly want to try riding one for a round.

In the video below it shows a group of people on gliding around on the course. It just looked odd and out of place. I know, it's no different than three or four golf carts tooling around the course, but my brain isn't used to this. I think it's a great idea and after I realize these aren't snowboard kids who are about to plop down in front of me to fasten their boots to the board, I will love riding one of these.

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