There is nothing more South Dakotan than Ranch Dressing. Everything tastes better with Ranch Dressing.

You can put it on Potato Skins, Pizza Crust, Buffalo Wings, Veggies, Fries, Hot Dogs, Baby Carrots...and I could keep going.

It appears that I'm not alone in my Ranch love, because the great folks at are now selling Ranch Dressing by the Keg!

Ranch Dressing Keg
loading... describes this big tin of heaven like this:

It isn’t a party unless the Hidden Valley Ranch is flowin'.
Height is 9.7 inches and Diameter is 6.3 inches
Stackable and holds up to 5 liters of ranch
Special inside coating meets FDA specifications and keeps the ranch tasting fresh.
Includes a year supply of Hidden Valley Ranch!

The keg of Ranch Dressing goes for $50.00. Worth every penny.

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