One of my favorite bands is Motley Crue. I got hooked on them with the Dr. Feelgood album but never got to see them in concert until Sioux City in 2005 and Sioux Falls on April 1, 2006. No one is better at putting on a kick ass rock arena show than they are.

Buying tickets for those shows was much simpler. I was at my computer right at the on-sale times for both.

For the Sioux City show I had row 25 tickets and for the Sioux Falls show I had row 7. It didn't seem hard.

Maybe demand wasn't as high. It certainly wasn't as high as it was for Ed Sheeran, Kenny Chesney or the Eagles when those shows went on sale. But now it seems almost impossible to get tickets for higher demand shows.

So I set up shop in my office for the presale on Thursday with three devices all with the show page for Motley Crue on Ticketmaster. The time came and I screwed up. I didn't hit refresh before trying to type in the presale code.

That's important.

After hitting refresh my laptop got going first, my desktop second, and my iPad third. The iPad never got to a page of tickets, my desktop eventually did, but my laptop had me buying tickets within about a 2 minutes. I got my floor seats, not great ones, but I'm in the building.

Motley Crue 2014 Las Vegas Concert
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

I also tried to buy at the general public on-sale and wished I had waited a day. I would have been able to get seats 13 rows closer than I did during the "special presale."

Sometimes you are better off getting tickets with the general public. I passed on them. I have tickets and I know I'll still enjoy the show.

I know that demand for Motley is not as high as it has been for some other shows. Ticketmaster's website didn't run like mud the way it has for other big tours when they've gone on sale.

I guess some people don't realize that THIS will be the best concert in that building ever. (Yes, I said it. Yes, I'm totally biased. Yes, I dislike pop-country.)

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