Last Thursday throughout the eastern parts of South Dakota, residents experienced and endured some historical, severe weather. Sioux Falls and the surrounding area had what experts identified as a derecho or another weather phenomenon known as a "haboob." Both of these weather patterns are pretty similar to each other and are equally dangerous.

The damage left behind following this storm is simply incredible. People lost power for days, properties were destroyed, and precious lives were unfortunately was truly one of the biggest storms in recent South Dakota history. Due to this devastation, the community wants to assist their neighbors in any way they can. One way people can help all recovery initiatives is by purchasing a new Sioux Falls t-shirt.

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Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken recognizes that there is a strong urge to volunteer to clean-up the city after the crazy storm. There is also another way to support these storm victims in our community just from a t-shirt. These sweet Sioux Falls shirts are for sale and all proceeds will benefit storm relief efforts and the 211 Helpline Center.

These awesome shirts feature the Sioux Falls flag inside a buffalo. There is also an image of the state of South Dakota on the front of the t-shirt. Residents can purchase these shirts on the South Dakota Apparel website. They come in three colors: blue, white and grey. The Sioux Falls shirts are on sale for $26.00 which will once again directly benefit all storm relief efforts and the 211 Helpline Center.

It's a simple gesture that will go a long way for a number of Sioux Falls residents. Plus, they are really neat shirts!

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