It's Monday, Feb. 17 which is Presidents Day 2020! So, what businesses on this federal holiday also known as Washington’s Birthday?

This holiday was originally established in 1885 to celebrate President George Washington’s birthday. It has become a day dedicated to celebrating all U.S. Presidents. And since it is a federal holiday many businesses are closed to in recognition of the day.

Some of the businesses CLOSED and OPEN on Presidents Day 2020:

  • United States Postal Service. There will be no mail delivery on Presidents Day.
  • UPS  and FedEx home delivery will be operating today.
  • Most banks will not be open.
    The following banks are scheduled to be closed on Presidents Day:
    Bank of America
    Capital One Bank
    Wells Fargo
  • The New York Stock Exchange will be closed on Monday.
  • Department of Motor Vehicles is closed.
  • Most stores, restaurants, malls, and retail stores will operate as usual on Presidents Day. Some even may be offering sales and deals to celebrate the federal holiday.
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