There's a reason why "cider" beers have little hints of apple in them, and beer does not.  Well, apparently the beer industry couldn't resist this temptation either!

It looks like Busch Light beer is ready for fall with its new apple beer.  The Busch Light Apple beer makes this drink Busch's first flavored brew.  I really thought I've heard of everything up until this point.

According to Busch Light through a video on Twitter, this seasonal brew is reported to be "the most refreshing and crisp beer yet." The Vice President of Value Brands Anheuser-Busch, Daniel Blake even states in a recent press release, "The development and launch of Busch Light Apple is one of the most significant moments in our brand’s 65-year history.  We tested this flavor and knew immediately that our fans would love the crisp, refreshing taste...With this limited-time run we know they’ll be moving quickly to try it before it’s out of the market."

The new drink is also ready for any type of party!  The Busch Light Apple comes in 12 oz cans and is available for purchase in 12, 24, and 30 count packs.  However, you may have some trouble finding this beer.

Busch Light Apple is only available for a limited time in selected markets across the country.  But good news South's available here! There are 21 other states who will have this beer in select store locations including North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

Although I am not a beer drinker, I may just have to try Busch Light Apple!  I must admit I am extremely intrigued by reports that it doesn't taste as sugary as my ciders. Are you going to try Busch Light's new brew?

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