Go out to your backyard, the pasture, the garden, or to your lake cabin and chances are this time of year there will be a buffet of bugs and insects.

Some have pretty colors, some have unique markings, some are shaped very strangely, and some are edible!

That's right if you need a snack just look down on the ground to see what's crawling around.

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Yes, some are edible. For instance, grasshoppers are packed with protein. Just remember to pull off the legs. And, the head. Find a S'more stick and roast it over an open fire.

Never thought ants would be on any menu but take a look at this recipe for chocolate-covered ants.

The South Dakota State Epidemiologist Dr. Joshua Clayton responded to some questions via email recently:

When I was in high school in Baltic, SD, my science teacher made baked earthworms for everyone to try. There was (perhaps still is) a traveling bug show that stopped in Shelbyville, IN, where I lived previously that offered attendees an opportunity to try grasshoppers. I’ve had a dessert made with cricket flour. And lastly, I’ve tried chocolate-covered ants that a friend purchased as a novelty. Nothing tasted too poorly except the earthworms, which I believe was due to the method of preparation.

I would certainly shy away from the Stink Bug in either South Dakota, Minnesota, or Iowa. Those little buggers are nasty!

One other insect to stay away from would be the dragonfly. Simply, they are one of the most important insects we have in this part of the country. Did you know they eat their body weight of flies, mosquitoes, and gnats each day?

Who's ready for ice cream?

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