The latest installment of BTS' historic Love Yourself album series is nearly upon us, and the superstar South Korean music group's latest teaser for their forthcoming Answer single, "IDOL," has us hyped for what's to come.

The teaser clip, released Wednesday (August 22), shows the globally popular band leaning into their Korean heritage and celebrating the imagery, sounds and history of the East Asian country they hail from.

In the clip, a number of traditional Korean cultural hallmarks can be seen, from the wild tiger (an icon of classic Korean mythology and folklore) running at the beginning of the clip, to the gorgeous hanboks, traditional Korean garments, the boys can be seen wearing.

Sonically, the sound also seems to include some traditional instrumentation, perhaps from the gayageum, a string instrument. At the end of the teaser, the boys can be heard chanting "ulsoo," an affirmative phrase used in the Korean Pansori.

Watch below:

Love Yourself: Answer will be released Friday, August 24. BTS kick off their world tour in Seoul on August 25.

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