The Brookings City Council has already put an ordinance in place that requires masks in public places. But the ante could be raised if a proposed ordinance being read tonight were to be passed.

According to Dakota News Now, not all of the city councilors are on board with this proposal. Councilman Nick Wendell says he and others aren't quite ready for this step.

“I’m not in favor of us moving to phase two at this point. So, we’re doing a first reading because we’ve hit some of those thresholds and if this situation gets much worse, quickly then we need to be prepared to take action quickly. But, I don’t know the there’s appetite among the council right now, and just speaking for myself as a counselor, to adopt any stricter action,” said Wendell.

Todd Voss, the owner of a Brookings bar says he thinks he should do his fair share to help slow the pandemic but that involves more than just shutting down his bar.

“I have no problem doing my share and getting this under control, but I think they need to look at some of the other places where the possible spread is. There’s a lot more people at Walmart than there is at my bar.”

The ordinance is only getting the first reading tonight. A second reading would have to happen before it could go into effect. If it did happen, barring other big changes, it wouldn't go into effect until October 28.

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