Wallethub ranked the best cities in the country for football. Green Bay was the top city, followed by Pittsburgh, Dallas, Boston and New York. But Brookings came in at 70.

Once you get past the 30 NFL cities it was all college football towns. Tuscaloosa, Alabama was the first non-NFL city, which makes sense being the home of the national champion Crimson Tide.

When you remove the NFL towns Brookings was #40 among the college towns. In a separate ranking of best small cities for college it was #31. Tuscaloosa was the top town on that list.

Vermillion also made the list at #143.

Cool to be that high on the list for both towns, but are Brookings and Vermillion really better than College Station, Texas, the home of Texas A&M?

I've been there. Yes, yes they are.

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