If you've ever struggled with a broken zipper, you know how frustrating a fix can get. One tip to fix broken zippers has recently gone viral on social media and it may solve your zipper-woes forever.

I was today years old when I found out a fork can fix a broken zipper...


Summer showers are an everyday occurrence here in Acadiana, so rain jackets are an absolute must. With colder weather on the horizon, winter jackets will also become a regular thing for folks around Louisiana.

But zippers have always been finicky and tend to break on a regular basis.

Twitter via @wowinteresting8
Twitter via @wowinteresting8

Thankfully, a tip has gone viral on social media and it shows how you can easily fix a broken zipper with a simple kitchen fork.

Just put the metal zipper piece on the middle two prongs of the fork and align the zipper tracks.


This allows you to use both hands on the jacket and simply guide the tracks into the zipper. Once they are lining up correctly, just take it off of the fork and VOILA!

Broken Zipper Hack Solves All of your Jacket Problems

Check out exactly how it's done via the demonstration that was posted to Twitter by @wowinteresting8 - see below.

Has it really always been that simple???

Some were pointing out that the solution may have its faults.

But others pointed out that there are more ways to complete this fix.

For me, broken zippers always come at the most inopportune times. While this fix may be a temporary solution to the problem, it may help you in a pinch!

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