A couple months ago a bride made headlines because she was angry that her wedding guest were refusing to pony up $1500 fee to attend her wedding. Now we have another bride could potentially top the list of the most ludicrous demands and expectations.

The bride-to-be recently posted on Facebook how shocked that out of the 140 people she invited to her destination wedding in Thailand, only 9 said that they were willing to spend the $3,000 for her special day. So she decided to make things a bit accommodating by changing the venue to Hawaii, which would only require roughly $2,000 in travel and accommodations, but just 7 people said they would go!

She then blasted friends and family for not RSVPing and even when as far as deleting them from Facebook! I know the ultimate insult! Some comments online question whether or not the post is real but some people say they know people just like this. What do you think, real or fake?

Source: Reddit




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