What is the name of the Brandon, South Dakota teen that is competing in the Jeopardy teen tournament? The answer is, Ryan Presler.

Ryan Presler of Brandon received the opportunity to show off his smarts on Monday, (June 17) on a national stage when he participated in the Jeopardy teen tournament in California.

As KSFY TV reports, even through Ryan didn't end up having the highest money total during Monday's episode, he still had a great time.

The teen tournament episode of Jeopardy taped several months ago, finally aired on Monday, and it featured 8th grader Ryan Presler of Brandon battling it out against fourteen other high school students from around the country.

Ryan's mom, Joann Presler, told KSFY, "We just feel really blessed. It's just been an amazing opportunity for Ryan. I think just watching all the contestants, you know they are all academically gifted. What really stood out to me is the character of all the contestants."

According to KSFY, Ryan did well, but, seemed to struggle at times with the buzzer used on the show.

Once host Alex Trebek is done reading the clue, a blue light that a production member controls flashes, giving the contestants the go-ahead to buzz in. Presler said, "I think in most of these games, most of these players knew most of the answers. With the buzzer speed, it's hard to know when to click. I didn't do very well with the buzzer in Double Jeopardy!, and that really impacted my score."

It sounds like Ryan made quite the impression on Jeopardy host, Alex Trebek. Trebek, told Kamie Roesler from KSFY, that he thinks Ryan is very bright for that age. He's extremely sharp.

The good news for Ryan is he still has a chance to snag a spot in the wild card semifinals. However, we viewers won't know if that will happen until this Friday.

Good luck, Ryan! Regardless of how things turn out, you have made all of us South Dakotans proud!

Source: KSFY TV

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