Attention all treasure hunters and true crime buffs: there might be a treasure waiting for you in rural Iowa.

We're all familiar with Bonnie and Clyde, the outlaw sweethearts (also known as Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker) who robbed a bunch of banks and left a lot of chaos and destruction in their path across the country.

Their final act was in Louisiana in 1934, but not before they made a stop in Iowa and terrorized a First National Bank.

Bonnie And Clyde Visit Iowa

Wikipedia/Only In Your State
Wikipedia/Only In Your State

According to Only In Your State, the duo's most infamous robbery in Iowa was the First National Bank in Stuart. It would actually be their last bank robbery.

It's not known how much money they got away with and here's the kicker: it's never been found.

After the bank robbery, the gang was tracked to Dexter, Iowa near an abandoned amusement park. Several members of the gang were killed or captured but Bonnie and Clyde escaped.

As for the stolen money, it's believed to have been stored somewhere near the Raccoon River but attempts to find it, to this day, haven't been successful.

It's unknown if Bonnie and Clyde and the gang did for sure bury the loot around the river, or if it's still there or what condition it's in. But it might be a fun treasure search this summer.

Even if you don't find treasure, you can visit the site of the Bonnie and Clyde shootout north of Dexter, where the gang was caught.

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