There are some stories you can't make up. There are some headlines that come along that make you slow down and take a look. A story and headline, just like that took place on a very prominent off-ramp along I-494 in Bloomington, Minnesota this past week.

The 'spill' happened on the off-ramp from I-494 to Nicollet Avenue. Here's what happened. A tanker truck hauling blood, from a local rendering plant was leaking, animal blood. The Tweet noted that the ramp would be closed until the blood is all cleaned up.

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The Bloomington Fire Department didn't offer up much more information than that. If you talk to a truck driver friend, one might speculate that the tanker was, perhaps filled a bit too full, and coming around the ramp, along with the shift in elevation might have shifted the 'red load' and caused the incident.

Every once in a while you see or hear of an interesting spill along the highways or interstates. We've heard stories of armored trucks losing money. When there are accidents you may see lumber or boxes or even beer spilled along the road, but this is a first for me, to hear about blood being spilled.

How about you, you truck drivers who may be reading this? What's the most interesting thing you've seen spilled or accidentally dumped along the highway. I'd love to hear about it. You can e-mail me anytime!

In the meantime, The Bloomington Fire Department was able to clean up the 'bloody mess' and traffic is 'flowing freely,' once again in Bloomington, Minnesota.

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