Leading up to the June 7 primary, South Dakota voters have been courted by the Democrat candidates for President.

Former President Bill Clinton spoke to a gathering at The District in Sioux Falls on Friday  in support of his wife Hillary Clinton. He states that Hillary is the most qualified to address the country’s two main needs.

"She's got the best record and ability to deal with the two threats to America thriving together: Political gridlock in Washington and trouble around the world which has already slowed our economic recovery some."

Clinton also points out that South Dakota’s diversity is an asset that should be celebrated.

"Hillary and I have a more than two decades-long record in trying to honor, value and support Tribal sovereignty. We think our diversity is a great asset. This crowd is more diverse than if we had this meeting 30 years ago. We have to believe in the end that what we have in common matters even more. If you believe that you want to build bridges not walls."

During his remarks Clinton also dipped into the past to form a bond among Democrats who have served in the past such as Tim Johnson, Tom Daschle and the late George McGovern.

Also speaking to the gathering prior to Bill Clinton’s speech were current Democratic U.S. Representative Candidate Paula Hawks and former U.S. Representative Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin.

Clinton’s visit is on the heels of a campaign swing through South Dakota made by Senator Bernie Sanders on May 12.

You can view Bill Clinton's speech in its entirety at the link below.

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